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Collect Wedding Guest Addresses

It seems like almost all brides today are crunched for time and looking for time saving options when it comes to wedding prep. Collecting wedding guest addresses is one tedious task that can often be disorganized and lead to trouble if they’re not written down correctly. But it can often be hard to collect wedding […]

Guide to Making Your Wedding Guest List

My Invite List is a time saving new tool made for brides who need an extra hand with getting their wedding invitations ready. The My Invite List app makes it easy for guests to add their own addresses, ensuring that you don’t make mistakes entering them yourself. You can easily send the request to your […]

Digital Address Collection Online

Between jobs, family, and bigger than ever weddings, brides today are busier than any brides in the past and are looking for ways to streamline the wedding planning process. Digital address collection online with MyInviteList.com is a great way to save time, ensure you have accurate addresses for your invites, and keep a collection of […]


A7 Envelopes for Wedding Invitations

A7 envelopes for wedding invitations Planning a wedding can be an extremely exciting time. There are so many different things to think about and plan for, including choosing the perfect venue, picking out the decorations and colors, shopping for all of the little details that will make your big day extra special, and one of […]