Wedding Invitation

My Invite List is a time saving new tool made for brides who need an extra hand with getting their wedding invitations ready. The My Invite List app makes it easy for guests to add their own addresses, ensuring that you don’t make mistakes entering them yourself. You can easily send the request to your guests via email and have the addresses ready to go for wedding invitation printing. It really is that simple. Collect addresses for your wedding in one easy to access place.


Before you can even start sending out your address requests, you need to decide on your final wedding guest list. Because we know how hard it can be, we’ve created this guide to making your wedding guest list. Here are our top tips for inviting the right people to your wedding so you have everybody you want there and nobody you don’t (or as few of your annoying relatives as possible).

For many couples, finalizing the wedding guest list can be one of the more stressful aspects of wedding planning. There are many considerations that go into creating your wedding guest list, and it can be a point of contention between couples. But with a little bit of understanding and some helpful hints, you can get through it.


Some brides and grooms will prefer to sit down and create the list from scratch together. Other couples will do better if they each create their lists and then work together to make the final decision. The first thing you need to do is think about the total number of guests. The total number of guests is usually going to be constrained for most couples either by the venue, or by what you can afford with catering.


Depending on your unique circumstance, there may be other considerations for you to take into account. Will you have an adults only wedding? If your wedding is going to be very formal or a big party that starts late and/or ends late, you may want to indicate to guests that it is for adults only. This may drastically change your wedding list and size. Another thing to consider, especially if one or both of you is from out of town, is how many people from out of state will be able to make it. If you live across the country from your immediate or extended family, you will want to send out at least RSVP cards and potentially Save-the-Dates to ensure that guests who can make it will have plenty of time to find transportation and accommodations.


Once you have that total guest list number, it’s time to start figuring out who they will be. Think about your immediate family first. List out every person you will invite before moving to your extended family. This is usually where it can start to get tricky. The bride may be extra close to her second cousins while the groom may have an unusually large extended family. You may have to compromise on who you will invite, as the circumstance between the bride’s side and the groom’s side may be different.


When it comes to friends, you may have friends who are closer than your extended family. Some things you might want to think about when considering whether to invite friends or distant family members:

  • Were you invited to their wedding?
  • How often do you see them or how long has it been since you last saw them?
  • Do you consider them a “close” friend?
  • Do you spend holidays/birthdays with this person?


To avoid getting into the nitty gritty of which great uncle to invite or not, some couples simply divide the total guest list in half. So if your venue capacity is 100, the bride gets to invite 50 guests and likewise the groom gets to invite 50 guests. With this method, you don’t need to worry about fairness in who gets to invite what family members. If the bride has a large friend group she wants to invite while the groom has a bigger family, the guest list can be flexible this way.


While this may be a difficult decision for many couples, it is important to get the guest list finalized as early in the process of wedding planning as possible. You want to give your wedding guests as much advance notice as you can, especially if they have to travel for the wedding. Keeping your guest list in order in one place is also important for sending out thank you cards after the wedding. My Invite List and The Invitation make this process straightforward and easy.